3 Reasons Why Content Creators Will Thrive in 2013

It’s official: content marketing is here to stay. Marketing isn’t just about TV commercials, print advertisements and direct mail anymore. It’s also about being social on the Internet, sharing, producing and engaging great content with a target audience.

With content marketing being well established in 2012, it only means that 2013 is the year for creators - specifically: online writers. Those who have the craft to write, edit and produce quality content will be recognized in the industry and sought after.

Why? Simply because:

1. Content marketing is driven by the writer.

One cannot have great content marketing without a great writer to produce great content. Writers have the experience and the imagination to create content that engages, attracts and effects a target audience to click, share and buy. Through newsletters, white papers, blog entries, etc., a talented writer will not only communicate a brand’s image effectively, but also compel positive actions from consumers.

2. Creators play a key role in SEO.

Google has proven time and time again with their Panda and Penguin updates that quality content is the most important aspect to a website’s SEO. No more black hat tricks. No more keyword stuffing. No more link building. It’s now about engaging content that produces high social signals with each Like, Tweet and +1s.

This becomes even more relevant with the predicted coming of Google’s AuthorRank. Individual writers who have a great reputation, accumulated through social signals, will have their content rank higher in search results. This means that a writer or brand has the potential to boost their SEO simply by being recognized by others on Google+.

Google+, as you know, relies heavily on producing and sharing quality content.

3. Audiences are attracted to trusted writers.

Whether or not an audience will Share or Like a writer’s content, the audience will still trust the writer. Talented writers are also experts and leaders in their field, thus their content is worthwhile for others. Audiences and consumers will seek out the creator’s content and engage with it. As such, brands that consists of trusted writers will garner further reach and responses.

Since 2012 has been the year for content marketing, 2013 will be for the content creator. Effective content marketing relies heavily on great content creators, just as Copyblogger points out, and both writers and brands will thrive in the coming year.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on the matter? How else are content creators important for content marketing? Make a stand and comment below!

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