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Want Better Communication In Your Company? Try Using Scrum

Communication is important for organizations of any size. It is especially paramount for small start ups where there is no room for inefficiencies. Really, there should be no excuse of why a very small company cannot keep everyone on the same page. 

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The Atomic Reach Measures: Helping You Create Great Content

As the Vice President of the Client Experience team I have the privilege of talking directly to our users every day.

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Is the New York Times Sadly Doomed to Disappear? Perhaps Not.

At a whopping 96 pages I’ve been putting off reading the recently leaked New York Time’s (NYT) new ideas task force on how they can maintain their relevance in the current age of media.

Like many traditional publishers, they are struggling to maintain an audience, never mind growing one.  The NYT’s is a massive and historic institution that’s knee deep in a battle[...]

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