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How To Leverage Social Holidays, & Why To Include Them In Your Content Strategy

Social holidays are essentially occasions that are celebrated — wait for it — on social media. Have you ever come across that funny hashtag such as #CrosswordPuzzleDay on Twitter and wondered who could possibly be celebrating it?

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Comparison of Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: An Overview

We’re just a month shy of the year 2018, and given the way marketing has evolved in the past couple of years, we can expect it to get even more complex and competitive. It’s therefore, vital for marketers to understand the depth of the available marketing methods and their underlying differences.

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5 Proven Ways to Drive More Engagement to Your Content

Writing content without engagement is like speaking to an audience that is not interested in your narrative.

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How to Use Engagement Data to Improve Your Content

No matter how small or big your content marketing budget is, there’s one thing you want to constantly evaluate to improve the performance of your campaign – content engagement data.

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How High Quality Content (With AI) Helps Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The success of every inbound marketing depends on the quality of content created for its target audience.

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How Agencies Can Use Content Marketing Tools to Help Their Clients

The client acquisition strategy for agencies has evolved significantly over the past several years. We’re living in a world where potential clients are well-informed and content is the most valued asset.

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Joe Sugarman’s Tricks: Write Copies Your Audience Can’t Stop Reading

Joe Sugarman is a legendary direct response copywriter and owner of the very popular BluBlocker Sunglasses.

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Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Future of Content Marketing

Gone are the days when basic customer data such as demographic details would be adequate for businesses to craft and optimize their marketing message. With the paradigm shift in digital space coupled with rapidly evolving consumer behavior, the conventional approach is no longer effective.

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How to Leverage LinkedIn Groups to Promote Your Brand

LinkedIn is decidedly the most popular social networking tool for working professionals and recruiters. A mecca for headhunters, it boasts a whopping 400 million users from across 200 countries. According to a survey by ComScore, LinkedIn is the 13th most popular site in the United States. But that’s not all - the site also accounts for 64% of all visits from[...]

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Why Readability Matters: How to Improve Readability for B2B Audience

If you’ve been around in the content marketing and blogging industry for a few years, you must have released the power of readability.

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