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4 Ways To Build Repeat Visitors And Retain Your Audience

The prime objective of every business owner is to build repeat visitors and retain them to build brand loyalty.

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The Most Effective Content Curation Tactics, And The Benefits

Content Curation is the process of researching, archiving, and sharing content with your audience to establish your authority and grow influence.

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Top 3 B2B Marketing Trends and Why You Should Use Them

Success in B2B marketing often boils down to staying current and knowing the best approach to influence your potential customers. While conventional marketing methods are still being used by many, businesses in the tech industry are adopting modern marketing technologies to boost engagement, build brands, and generate qualified leads. Moreover, the paradigm shift[...]

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How to Create Content around Trending Topics: Tips and Tools

Creating the “right” kind of content is often the most challenging aspect of content marketing. However, if you want to keep your audience coming back to you, and find a new audience, it’s imperative to know what works and what doesn’t.

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How to Find New Audiences using Content Marketing Tools

In today’s competitive and perception-driven landscape, establishing your brand authority is a massive undertaking. It’s even riskier when you’re traversing through an unfamiliar terrain.

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Content Marketing World 2017 - 5 Things to Watch Out for

What do you need to succeed in content marketing? A wealth of experience, the right tools in your content marketing arsenal, and networking with the best in business.

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Content Marketing in Sports: Game Changing Tips to Boost Engagement

The sports industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. According to Statista, the global sports market is expected to generate to the tune of 91 billion US dollars by 2017. Moreover, revenue from the sports merchandising market in North America is expected to reach 14.2 billion US dollars in the same year.

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7 Digital Publishing Mistakes that Affect Your Growth and Reach

The popularity of digital publishing is going through the roof, with more and more companies joining the bandwagon. According to a survey by digital publishing consultancy Mequoda Group, 26% of tablet owners prefer digital magazines over print. What’s more, it is estimated that this metric could balloon to 65% by 2020 with the rapid increase in the use of tablets[...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate LinkedIn Profile

With its 430+ million users, LinkedIn is decidedly one of the critical tools for content marketers in the present day. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, LinkedIn can be a game changer for your growth hacking strategy. Demand Wave puts LinkedIn as the most sought-after platform for lead generation and sales for B2B marketers.

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4 Intimidating Challenges for Digital Publishers and How to Solve Them

The digital publishing industry has become more competitive than ever before. The radical transformations in technologies and change in consumer behaviors have forced digital publishers and online content creators to think out of the box, and go beyond conventional methods for a sustainable content monetization and revenue model.

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