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Engaged audiences are profitable audiences. Atomic Reach has your solution.

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We've got big news.

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Evergreen Content: The Secret to Blogging Success

What is evergreen content?

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How to Break the Blogging Rules

Blog writing guides are full of standard rules designed for maximum shareability and increased audience engagement. Just google “blog writing tips” and you’ll see what I mean. They tell you that the internet is optimized for convenience, efficiency, time and effort, and that selfish readers are meandering to your posts for selfish reasons. They will remind you[...]

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Boozy Storytelling: How 3 Top Alcohol Brands Embrace Content Marketing

Since they’re often linked with desirable lifestyles, alcohol brands reportedly reach one of the highest engagement rates for their media content (along with car brands). The best alcohol content marketing strategies combine a meticulously crafted, highly desirable lifestyle with actionable ways to integrate the dream into the customer’s life. Or if you’re Budweiser,[...]

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Journalism heavyweights are also self-marketing mavens

Feeling homesick for the prairie town you grew up in? Write a thought piece on it. Went back to blonde? Tweet it. Indulging in the wonders of a Starbucks frappucino? Instagram it.

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3 Killer Marketing Strategies from the Fashion World

Fashion retailers are in a unique position to milk the benefits of content marketing. They occupy a sweet spot at the intersection of art and commerce, able to shroud the shamelessness of selling with romantic images of messily chic flâneurs enjoying macarons at Parisian cafes, all filtered through Amaro, instagrammed, tweeted, posted on Tumblr and tagged[...]

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