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3 Crucial Tips You Need to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a daunting task. There are so many aspects to consider and figuring out where to even begin is a struggle. But building a new blog doesn’t have to be hard, just follow these three tips to get your blog started today.


4 Foolproof Proofreading Tips

The foundation of any great writer is their ability and dedication to proofread every work that they put out into the world. Though for most writers this is more easily said than done. Check out a few of these handy tips to improve your editing skills.


Writing Emotional Content That Captivates Your Audience

If you have ever written for a large audience, you know the struggle of getting them to connect to your writing. And with the sheer amount of content out there today it can seem impossible to create that perfect viral piece that will resonate with your readers. However there is a simple way to create content that will be both engaging and shareable: utilizing the emotional argument in your writing.


3 Ways to Keep on Top of Consistent Blogging

Finding time to blog every day is incredibly difficult, especially without a game plan. Obstacles to consistent blogging can happen at any time. Check out these tips to avoid the most common reasons for inconsistent blogging.


3 Ways to Kick Your Writer's Block to the Curb

Writer’s block is a struggle that all writers have experienced in their lives. It is incredibly frustrating to deal with especially with deadlines looming ahead. But fear not, this phenomenon of the writing profession has thankfully been explored and, of course, written about by thousands. Check out these tips to battle writer’s block.