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How Do You Know When You Need Content Scoring Technology?

There are a lot of great tech tools available right now for marketers. All you have to do is look at the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2015. There are over 1,800 vendors in 43 categories. That’s an overwhelming amount of choice. Even more mind blowing than walking down the cereal aisle at Target.

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What Score Do The Top Posts on LinkedIn Pulse Achieve?

For a while now I've been curious about how the top articles on LinkedIn would score when analyzed by the Atomic Reach platform.

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How To Justify The Cost Of Your Content Marketing Program

There really is no question mark around content marketing anymore.  Content Marketing is crucial for every brand whether you are a B2B or a B2C brand.

A report by Edelman brings to light many of the key reasons why content marketing is essential for marketers.

EDELMAN BRANDSHARE 2014: A MANIFESTO FOR BRAND SURVIVAL is a study that proves the importance for brands[...]

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The #1 Best Tip for You from Content Marketing World And Social Shake-Up

In September, I attended both Content Marketing World and Social Shake-Up, which Atomic Reach was a sponsor for.

I found both conferences energizing, interesting and super exciting.  And I only saw two key note speeches and one session across both events combined.

Since we were sponsors at both events, my primary responsibility was at our booth speaking with[...]

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10 Great Examples of Brands as Publisher

Back in the late 90's there were a few brands that saw the internet as an opportunity to create their own information and entertainment destination to better serve their customers and define and promote their brand.  At the time I thought they were crazy and I was wrong since they were actually ahead of their time.

Fifteen years later, Content Marketing is growing[...]

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The Best Kept Secrets to Making Your Emails Great!

Email marketing is alive and well and is a powerful and effective tool for Marketers.  Today I read this article by McMurryTMG that talks about some of the stats that prove how effective email marketing continues to deliver results Email Marketing Isn't Dead And We Have The Stats To Prove It.

If we are going to continue to use email marketing as a key tool in our[...]

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What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Developing Audience Types?

As marketers when we talk about Audience Personas we are trying to "paint a picture" of our customers as well as industry thought leaders and influencers that are important to us.  We think about a whole list of questions we need to answer about these people such as:

What role do they play in the decision making/buying process?  Are they an Initiator,[...]

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How Do You Get To Know Your Audience The Best?

Audience, Customers, Consumers, Readers.  No matter what "label" you put on them, they are the people you are thinking about when you are writing your content whether it's being published on a website, blog, in email or even somewhere else on the web.  They are real people with varying interests, knowledge, time, needs, desires and so much more.

Many bloggers,[...]

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5 Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing

There are lots of checklists and best practices around the best ways to implement your content marketing strategy and plan which are great and super useful.  Here's a great one I always refer to:  Content Marketing Best Practices.  In addition, I believe having some reference points around avoiding the pitfalls is equally beneficial.  There are several potential[...]

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Are You Listening? Why Should I Care About Your Brand The Most?

Years ago I worked with an amazing marketing consultant and sales trainer, Linda Pogue. Anyone who was in publishing back then will remember her. She started her career in marketing before becoming a consultant, trainer and coach. She was way ahead of her time in terms of her philosophy around sales and marketing. She is also an amazing lady in many other ways.[...]

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