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7 Tips to Help You Produce the Most Amazing Content Marketing in 2014

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7 Emotions That Will Help You Go Viral

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A WordPress Plugin That Tells You If Your Readers Will LOVE Your Content

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our coveted WordPress plugin - the Atomic Reach Audience Engager. The plugin will give users the opportunity to optimize their content before clicking “Publish”. No this isn’t your grandma’s SEO tool. We leave the meta tagging to the SEO giants. Atomic Reach goes beyond SEO to maximize your content's[...]

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How to Create Snackable Content to Keep the Attention Span of Your Readers

The fight for the attention of online readers is a challenge that all content creators face, but catching someone’s attention is only part of the battle. According to a study done earlier this year by the Associated Press, the average attention span was only 8 seconds in 2012. In the same study, they found that on web pages with about 600 words only 28% of the words[...]

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Storytelling: The Easiest Way to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

Great storytelling draws in a reader by painting a picture and bringing ideas to life. It entertains as well as informs the reader. The power of storytelling can help brands be more relatable and eventually win customers over. Stories aid in reinforcing brand identity by boosting brand recognition for traction and growth.

With countless posts of how to’s, lists, and[...]

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