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The Best Way to Impact Your Business Is By Coaching Your People

What Do The Best Journalists, Writers, Professional Athletes and Accomplished Chefs Have In Common with Your Business?

They are never complacent. They strive to become better every day, attack each day with passion and redefine the boundaries, leveraging every available opportunity to improve their skills.

As a startup entrepreneur, building a disruptive technology for an industry that is undergoing formative changes, I am heavily reliant on the mentors, coaches and advisors who guide me. Every day is an exciting battle, one that we as a company take on with immense enthusiasm and courage. As a relatively new platform in a category that is growing rapidly (our clients are active content marketers and publishers) we challenge the status quo because we believe that understanding audiences is at the core of every successful decision.


Why Audience Segmentation Will Save Your Content Marketing Program From Failure

Reliable, sound and detailed insights about your audience predicates a high performing content marketing program. Without access to this mission critical information, we lack the necessary data to make informed decisions that will result in meaningful interactions with our customers.

Imagine an interior designer creating a theme for your new house without understanding your vision or taste. How would you feel about your investment advisor allocating your money without first learning about your goals or appetite for risk. Would you allow your travel agent to book you on a trip not knowing about your interests in rest, activity or adventure?


How to create brand engagement with new audiences using content curation and the right editorial approach: Intel IQ

Intel recently announced the launch of a new digital magazine titled, IQ Curated By Intel.


Content Curation: The Age of Discovery

We live in a world in which social technologies are being used to establish networks and communities that quickly define their own set of social behaviours, customs and dialects.