Atomic Reach Improves Its Grammar Feature With Rules You May Not Know About

Posted on July 29, 2016
By Summer

It seems like cutesy emojis, short-and-sweet tweets, sarcastic hashtags, and shorthand phrases (i.e. OMG and LOL) have taken over our daily vocabulary, kicking good ol’ grammar to the curb. Does grammar even still matter?

At Atomic Reach, the answer is a big fat yes. Don’t let typo-ridden blog posts or misspelled social media posts influence your writing. I like how William B. Bradshaw, author of The Big Ten of Grammar: Identifying and Fixing the Ten Most Frequent Grammatical Errors, puts it.Grammar is the foundation for communication — the better the grammar, the clearer the message, the more likelihood of understanding the message’s intent and meaning. That is what communication is all about.”

With that, I’m happy to announce that Atomic Reach has improved the Grammar editing feature and expanded it to include many more grammar rules that will blow your mind.

Here’s a rundown of what our new Grammar feature can detect 

Aside from basic grammar rules, here are 6 important grammar rules (more advanced than basic grammar rules) we detect when you use the Atomic Reach platform for all of your writing.


Within this rule, our grammar tool will check that a sentence starts with an uppercase letter.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect: This house is old. it was built in 1950.

Correct sentences for comparison: This house is old. It was built in 1950.


Collocation refers to how words go together or form fixed relationships.Wrong phrase, preposition or collocation.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect: He has 25 years old.

Correction suggestion: is 25 years old.

Commonly confused words

The English language has quite a few words that sound alike but have different meanings and spellings. These tricky words often make writers think twice. Atomic Reach’s new grammar feature will help keep you differentiate between commonly confused words.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect:  I'm not worried about they're problems.

Correction suggestion: their

Possible Typo

Typos happen. Even with spellcheck on, sometimes it just doesn't catch a misspelled or misused word.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect:  No, I wont do that.

Correction suggestion: won't, won’t


This rule looks at misuse of commas, apostrophes, and spaces that are punctuation mishaps in writing.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect:  For years I have been travelling.

Correction suggestion: years, I

Redundant Phrases

Don’t let your writing succumb to verbosity and duplication. Cut the clutter to avoid repetition. Fortunately, we make it easy to rectify.

Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect:  The money is sufficient enough to buy the pullover.

Correction suggestion: sufficient

These are just some of the grammar rules Atomic Reach will detect. You'll be surprised to know that there are also 8 others including: nonstandard phrases, plain English, punctuation errors, semantic, style, typography, Wikipedia and of course, basic grammar.

In this digital age, there is an abundance of obvious writing mistakes throughout blog posts, social media comments and the likes. Don't underestimate the impact of good writing - especially when it comes to grammar. Credibility, reputation, professionalism and clear communication are all affected by grammar. Keep this in mind when you write your next piece of content but don't let it discourage you. Not a writing pro? Atomic Reach is here for you!

Want to check out the new grammar feature? Sign in here to see how we can help enhance your writing.

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