Is Your Content Optimized for Conversions? Here’s 6 Ways to Find Out.

Why do businesses invest a fortune in content marketing? Is it for page views or gaining social media traction or some other vanity metric? The fact is your content marketing will fail unless your audience converts and becomes a paying customers.

Adopting a run-of-the-mill content marketing approach can help you get some page views, but it’s unlikely to help you meet the prime objective of your marketing campaign, conversions.

So, how do you figure out if your content is optimized for conversion and ready to move your audience through the funnel?

Here are six ways to find out if your content is primed for conversions.


How to Streamline Your Content Strategies to Achieve Better Conversion Goals

The resounding success of content marketing has inspired many businesses to invest in content, aiming for maximum success. However, it has also given rise to some myths with regards to the effectiveness of content marketing.

Indeed, as with any marketing campaigns, content marketing also requires sound planning and proper execution to achieve the desired results.

The ultimate objective of every content marketing campaign is to maximize conversions which leads to a boost in sales. However, in a typical B2B content marketing funnel, there are many small milestones that precede the final sale.


4 B2B Content Marketing Pain Points and How to Deal with Them

Price, product, and promotion are some of the most frightening challenges every B2B enterprise faces almost every day of their daily lives. However, promotion is where they face the toughest of the challenges.

This is precisely what makes B2B content marketing a tough nut to crack, especially when the industry keeps evolving quite drastically every year.


Writing for a B2B Audience: 5 Things to Know Before Building Content

There’s a thin line between writing content for your B2B audience and tailoring messages for a specific B2B audience segment.

Content marketers who don’t understand these nuances end up creating content that goes unnoticed and unread. As a result, their ROI plummets and they give up.

There’s a world of difference between B2C and B2B audience when it comes to presentation, targeting, tone, and style of writing.


How to Create Thought Leadership Content - 5 Useful Tips

Thought Leadership is a marketing strategy wherein yourself or your brand establishes themselves as a go-to authority, providing unique and insightful opinions in the industry.

Being a thought leader has many great advantages in terms of branding and customer loyalty, especially in the B2B industry. When you have a loyal fan-following who looks up to you for motivational and trust-worthy takeaways, your brand tends to naturally benefit from it in the long-run.


Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 3 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2018

SEO has come a long way since Google started its operations back in 1998. Today, with the help of AI and machine learning, Google Search has become more sophisticated than ever.

Therefore, unlike the yesteryears, ranking on Google Search is more about offering high-quality content that meets users intent and doing it exceptionally better than others.