You Do What With Your Twitter?! A Guide to Making Great Tweets

I’m in business development for Atomic Reach. And, we’re active in speaking directly to our audience when it comes to providing value to their experience with our product. Several weeks ago, I'd been given the task to listen socially in order to connect with existing clients, spread our message and grow our audience.

Other than LinkedIN, Twitter had been the only other social network I'm active on. And, by active, I mean I occasionally tweeted. I used Twitter mainly for inbound news and to share a few funny things with a couple of my friends.  But since I knew how to use Twitter, I thought It would be a good place to start.


How to Effectively Evaluate Your Mid-Year Content Marketing Checklist

Posted on July 29, 2014
By Summer

Last night, we were honored to have Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, featured on our #AtomicChat. Based on one of his most recent articles, we wanted to learn more about mid-year content marketing checklists and resolutions.


One Audience Size Does Not Fit All

Content, content, content… such an emphasis for many businesses today.  It's a good bet content marketing is a big part of your organization’s marketing strategy now.  Maybe your company creates its own original content.  Maybe you curate content from a number of outstanding resources. Whatever the case, it’s not enough to simply push a lot of content out to websites or social media channels. 


How to Engage Lurkers on Social Media

Posted on July 22, 2014
By Summer

Most people are lurkers on social media.

For quite some time now, the popular 99-9-1 rule applied to social media has been floating around. It states that 90% of all your followers are just lurking, 9% are engaged, and that only 1% of the community actively produces content.


How Do You Get To Know Your Audience The Best?

Posted on July 21, 2014
By Jeanne

Audience, Customers, Consumers, Readers.  No matter what "label" you put on them, they are the people you are thinking about when you are writing your content whether it's being published on a website, blog, in email or even somewhere else on the web.  They are real people with varying interests, knowledge, time, needs, desires and so much more.

Many bloggers, Brands and Publishers go to great lengths to understand the people they write content for.  And there is so much data available today. As you well know, we are in the age of "Big Data".  Back in the early days of the internet (which was really not that long ago at all), the promise of "Big Data" was there but not yet at our fingertips and we saw it as the "holy grail" from a marketing perspective.  And what's so great about all this data is that it can translate into insight.  Insight is what gives us the ability to understand and ultimately act on all that data.


3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Visuals Into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important parts of your content marketing strategy is its visual components. Your brain processes images faster than text and attaching a graphic to your content can create a mental foothold for your audience, which will result in reads, clicks and leads.

Graphic design is more than pretty pictures and fancy text. It's a means of visual communication to convey information in an interesting and appealing way. Getting your graphic designer to create images with a consistent look will also strengthen your brand's visual identity and create an instantly recognizable online presence. Sit down and think about fonts, colour palette and a set of visual cues that will occur regularly within your content.

This all may seem like a lot to process but have no fear. Here are just three simple ways that you can step up your visual game online:


5 Things You Must Do Before You Hit Publish

Posted on July 17, 2014
By Summer

Before you hit publish on your blog post, there is one critical step before you click that button.

That mission critical step is to review your work. If you are a one-man show (where you don't have the luxury of having a team) then you'll be going through the system of a self-edit process.

It may sound tedious but you want to make sure that your writing is polished, easy-to-read and effective. It is important that you review your work with a critical eye. You wouldn't want the world to read poor writing, you can lose a lot of readers that way.

Here are 5 things you must do before you hit publish! 


5 Things You Can Do To Screw-Up A Perfectly Good Story

Is there a secret sauce that goes into creating a great post that connects with your audience? I believe that writing is an art, a form of personal expression.  The topic is irrelevant however, it's how you articulate your story that matters and how your expression of information affects the audience that ingests it.

Writing to influence others is for sure the most challenging.  Obviously it is extremely difficult to understand what goes on in somebody else's mind so when writing you just have to try your best to communicate with others so that your audience understands and relates to your voice.


You Must Learn to Listen Before You Run on Social Media

Posted on July 15, 2014
By Summer

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) on #AtomicChat. It was a fast and intense Twitter chat on the topic of #ShowUCare.

You're probably wondering what #ShowUCare is.

It's a philosophy that Brian came up with. He describes it as his way of creating relationships on social media. The way he creates these relationships is by learning about people and finding out what they really care about. More on this at the end of the post. You can catch up his strategy in the #AtomicChat transcript included at the bottom.


Helping You Write Great Content for Real People

What's your assignment today? I'm sure you've got a great angle, an awesome story to tell, and the only thing you are in a rut about is how to make it worthwhile for your audience.  It's a tough task these days, as you clamour to do your job, forces are conspiring against you. I've been there.

5 Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing

Posted on July 10, 2014
By Jeanne

There are lots of checklists and best practices around the best ways to implement your content marketing strategy and plan which are great and super useful.  Here's a great one I always refer to:  Content Marketing Best Practices.  In addition, I believe having some reference points around avoiding the pitfalls is equally beneficial.  There are several potential pitfalls (definitely more than the ones I'll cover here) though these are the most important in my humble opinion.  Here are my top five:


Tips to Get Curation Working Awesomely

I have been at this content creation game for a long time, and whether its been in broadcast or digital, I have maintained that there is no substitute for awesome audience focused original content. The truth is, no matter what the medium, exclusively relying on original content is a costly endeavour.

Think about all of the channels you read and watch for content. Each of them create original content that they think you will engage with, but they augment that programming curated content. Obviously everything they publish or broadcast, whether original or curated must keep the audience in mind, but at the end of the day, if you're vying for your audience's attention, one could argue you are doing as much a service to them by offering curated content as you are by offering them original content.

Before you say, that this is just the model for large publishers and broadcasters, not niche ones, I'd argue niche ones curate even more content. There is no shame in that at all.


5 Amazing Social Selling Infographics You Need to Know About Now

Posted on July 04, 2014
By Summer

It's 2014 and the sales game has changed drastically. Welcome to the age of social selling.

For sales people, this means cold calling is not as effective anymore.

Based on a study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank here's why you've got to change the way you sell:

  • 81% of people look at products online before making a purchase
  • 60% of consumers start their research with a search engine before heading to a specific website
  • 79% of shoppers feel empowered by technology because it provides access to information

According to a recent report by Pardot, 72% of buyers who plan to purchase a business product begin their research with a Google search. Besides Google, B2B buyers also use personal networks (15.5%)  and LinkedIn (2.5%).

To maximize success, you've got to get with the times to drum up new business.

Here is a collection of some of the most recent and best infographics related to the social selling industry. Get out there and generate some leads using social media!


How to Create Compelling Content That Converts

Posted on July 03, 2014
By Summer

I recently read an insightful blog post by Jean of Kapost suggesting that "a laissez-faire approach to creating content won’t cut it anymore". New research from Demand Metric shows that formats that used to work for marketers are not working anymore. Meaning: they don't pull audience interest like they once did.

It seems that the revolution of content marketing is producing content clutter which in turn results in content fatigue. To combat this, marketers must innovate and delight their audience with new forms of content.

So how do we push through the clutter and create content to stimulate engagement with our target audience?


Are You Listening? Why Should I Care About Your Brand The Most?

Posted on July 02, 2014
By Jeanne

Years ago I worked with an amazing marketing consultant and sales trainer, Linda Pogue. Anyone who was in publishing back then will remember her. She started her career in marketing before becoming a consultant, trainer and coach. She was way ahead of her time in terms of her philosophy around sales and marketing. She is also an amazing lady in many other ways. She no longer coaches and is happily enjoying a leisurely life by the sea. I do miss her though and I'd love to know what she thinks about social selling and content marketing.