5 Things You Can Do To Screw-Up A Perfectly Good Story

Is there a secret sauce that goes into creating a great post that connects with your audience? I believe that writing is an art, a form of personal expression.  The topic is irrelevant however, it's how you articulate your story that matters and how your expression of information affects the audience that ingests it.

Writing to influence others is for sure the most challenging.  Obviously it is extremely difficult to understand what goes on in somebody else's mind so when writing you just have to try your best to communicate with others so that your audience understands and relates to your voice.

Storytelling is definitely an art but there is a science component to it, after all we live in a technology driven world.  With all the hype about tools and platforms that help you master your content marketing initiatives, we still need to make sure when writing that it comes across as real people connecting with real people.

5 things to consider NOT doing if you want to connect with real people when writing your blog post:

1.  You Write Solely for SEO:

News Flash, this is not 2006, we are in the year 2014 and today SEO is not a game.  Keyword stuffing does not work.  Google's algorithm sees this as low quality content.   If you cheat the system and interfere with real people communicating with real people, you are at risk of being penalized.

When speaking face-to-face, most people are able to identify when another is being fake and inauthentic, well just know that Google can too!  Oh, and Google is watching you.  As reference to a song that just resurrected itself on a twitter chat (#atomicchat) is Private Eyes by Hall and Oats.  Come to think of it, it is not a bad theme song for Google Panda!

2.  You are Neutral:

Whether or not your content is B2B or B2C, neutral subject matter in your post is just not engaging.  Storytelling is not just about facts and it is difficult to create evangelism for a brand just by publishing facts.  In my work environment we speak quite a bit about how to evoke polarity in your writing.  I understand that polarity is not about being provocative but more about being a storyteller.  Every storyteller is a real person, right?  And I am positive that great storytellers are real people with personality. Either way, nobody loves Mr. Neutral because Mr. Neutral and Mr. Boring are twins.

3.  You Commit Word and Grammar Crimes:

I am including this piece of advice because I love the new parody remake by Weird Al called Word Crimes.  This is a spoof of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

My favourite line in the song is:

"I saw your blog post. It's really fantastic. That was sarcastic. Cause you write like a spastic."

4.  You Write at a Genius Level and your audience has no clue what you are talking about:

This is another bone of contention when you write as though you are a genius.  Recently I saw a quote that said "If you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room".   Same rings true when connecting with your audience.  If your content is beyond your audiences sophistication level then do not bother writing because your story will just fail to engage.

5.  You lack Community Involvement:

Writing is a form of expression.  The point of writing is to create awareness.  If you write solely for yourself than you should just create a personal journal entry.  If you are a content marketer or influencer then you want to create a community where people will want to come to read your stories.  A lack of community presence is a sure fire way to disappear in the clutter of the digital world.   In the classic movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner says "If you build it, they will come".

The above is by no means a magic solution to incredible audience centric content.  You just need to keep plugging away at creating stories.

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