7 Easy Ways You Can Write The Best Tumble-Free Titles

Every writer goes through the process of trying to craft the perfect title. In fact, you spend 80% of your time on this aspect of blog writing in general. A lot of thought goes into making your title engaging and optimized for search.

So where do you start?

  1. Let’s begin with your topic, which could be “Activities For Kids”. The topic of your blog post is a very general way of providing direction for your article.
  1. Using your topic, create a working title. This is different from your final title, because it's specific and simply shows your readers what your blog post is about.

From the previous example, some ideas of working titles could be:

  • How Kids Can Spend Their Holidays Offline
  • A Parent’s Guide to Getting Their Kids More Active While Not In School
  • 20 Activities For Kids To Do While On Break

Your working title also depends on the angle of your article, and as you can see from one topic, you are able to create multiple titles. If you had an overly specific topic, you could potentially stump your ability to come up with a creative title.

  1. Pick a working title that is relevant to your article. For the purpose of this blog post, let’s go with “20 Activities For Kids To Do While On Break”.

By writing multiple working titles and having your article already drafted, you will be able to pick the one that is most suited to crowning your blog post. 

  1. Make your working title searchable by keywords. A seasoned blogger, or even those who are just starting, should know the mechanics that will help your blog post be found.

The manual method: Usually in your blog post you’d want to focus on a single keyword. This word can then be included in longer phrases within your content, more commonly known as long-tail keywords, which will also contribute to search.

  • In “20 Activities For Kids To Do While On Break”, your keyword is kids.

A bit more automated: In Wordpress, the plugin Yoast helps you optimize your title for organic search. In the example, we can see that the writer was consistent in using that keyword in their post for all aspects that mattered to optimization.


As a friendly reminder, keywords shouldn’t spam your article, but be placed where they make sense.


  1. After finding your keyword, let’s make your title more approachable, short and sweet. Your title needs to generate clicks, which means that it needs to be enticing enough for people to follow-through with that action .


In length, most writers shoot for 70 or less characters. Keep in mind that people will be sharing your article, so leaving space for them to add the link, picture, mentions, and hashtags increases blog post shareability.


Time to make it pop!


  • Be a superlatives superhero. Addressing that your blog post might have the ultimate of anything can have the effect of a must-click post: “20 Of the Funniest Activities For Kids To Do While On Break” and “20 Of Top Activities For Kids…”
  • You don’t need to be a rapper to make catchy rhymes, or write alliterations. Used in moderation, rhyming two words in your title adds a bit of playfulness for your reader to appreciate, like in “Grammar Games” and “Title Tactics
  • Make sure the value you’re providing your reader is clear. The best way to do this is to simply address the format of your blog post by adding brackets at the end of your title. This is seen as: [Infographic], [Checklist], [Ebook], [Report], [Survey], etc.


  1. Brainstorming sessions can help you have more 'ah ha!' moments. If you can’t figure out more words or phrases that go with your working title ask a friend. Especially if you've been stirring over the same content for some time, bouncing title ideas off teammates helps bring a fresh perspective to your blog post.


Tip: Keep a personal dictionary of words to use in your writing and social media!

  1. Finally, crafting that title that blows a boring one out of the water. Armed with your newly found knowledge, let’s put it into action:

Working Title: 20 Activities For Kids To Do While On Break

Barely Boring New Titles:

  • 20 Activities That Will Flip The Lids Off Your Kids While On Break
  • 20 Activities Your Kids Won't Hate Doing While On Break
  • 20 Top Activities For Kids On Break That Won’t Drive You Crazy
  • 20 Of The Funniest Activities For Your Kids To Do While On Break
  • 20 Activities That Will Always Keep Your Kids Entertained

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Give it a try, aim for full check marks, and use those title tips that you'll always find super handy.

Am I missing anything?

Still stuck, or have better tips to share with our readers? Tell us all about it in the comments & thanks for sharing!

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