6 Types of Content to Convert Prospects Into Customers

Lead conversion: it’s the name of the game.

Your business isn’t going anywhere without it. You need to embrace lead conversion as your main job.

Content creator? Pah. You can create all the content you want, but if you aren’t creating compelling content, the stuff that turns your prospects into customers, you might as well be doodling pictures on the wall.

But what content converts?

In short, all of it.  Newsletters, videos, social media, direct mail, etc. all have the potential to convert if you do things right. But in the digital age - as in all others - variety is the spice of life. If you keep sending your clients the same old dull direct mailers, soon they will be trash. Zip the same dull email copy and hero images, and that trash becomes spam.  

The key is to not become married to one type of content. Mix it up!

Create fresh new content regularly that will catch the attention of those potential leads. Remember that content isn’t king, compelling content is.

Here are 6 types of content to experiment with to convert prospects into customers.

Lists: No matter what your leads are thinking about, if you give them many good reasons why they should be buying, they’ll consider reaching for their wallets. Of course, you don’t want them to just consider reaching for their wallets, you want them to actually do it. Make those lists good and make them unforgettable. 

If they believe your product will make their lives immeasurably easier, they’ll buy. Your job is to make sure they do, so list all of those reasons, and list them right.

Case Studies: Who are the people buying your products? Case studies will show how your potential customers are people just like them, with similar needs and desires and more importantly, problems. It will show them how your product solved those problems.

A good case study will earn trust from customers. Trust is a key ingredient to convert prospects into customers. Ensure that the story really gets to the heart of your customer’s problem and how your product solved it. From here, you’ll see conversion rates gradually rise.


Stick close to your topic. If your product is a webinar on lead conversion, an infographic displaying the types of content that increase lead conversion could be a great lead-in to your sales pitch. Be sure to employ interesting graphics with a matching color palette to emphasize the information.

How-to Guidles/Whitepapers/eBooksq: Few people are more knowledgeable than authors, and if you are authoring whitepapers, eBooks, and how-to guides, you are establishing yourself as an authority. This means your words give you more cache when the time comes to present at a conference.

When an attendee has to consider two different self-help seminars.; Will they be going to Conference A, the award-winning author of 4 different self-help books, or Conference B, 

This Guy Right Here With No Credentials? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too.

Personal stories: Emotional appeals are the most powerful, which is why personal stories work so well. We connect with and with the plight of others.  We all love a good story of conquering the odds. Find some good stories among your clients, and turn one into a human-interest piece that will tug at the heartstrings of your prospective customers , that will convert them into leads.

Tools and resources: We all want tools and tips to make our lives and jobs easier; heck, that’s why you’re reading this article right now. Offering potential clients tools and information that will improve their productivity, and performance, will make their their jobs better. 

Hopefully these tips will increase the chances of converting prospects into customers.


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