5 Ways to Get Emotional With Your Content

If you're anything like me, you're getting sick and tired with people posting pictures of small animals doing cutesy things on social media. I get it. Small animals doing human stuff  is funny and cute. I guess the question is, why does anyone care? That kind of content is incredibly polarizing, and at the end of the day, we get emotionally charged, one way or another about it.

The lesson though, is that content that connects with us emotionally works. There are five things that you can do right now to get more emotional with your content, without feeding a hamster a burrito (did the hamster enjoy the burrito, we actually don't know).


1. Be Authentic

Nothing connects with an audience more than being authentic. It's important to find your own voice in every piece of content that you create. Even if you are creating editorial content, you can and should find a way to address the topic so that it has some meaning to you, if you're a great writer, you'll find a way to do it without showing bias. That passion will come through every single time.

2. Write for Impact

If you use stimulating language that excites your audience they are more likely to take what you are saying to heart, and engage with your content. You need to write provocatively and use exciting language.  If you illicit a visceral response and they comment on your post or share it you'll know you've done well.

3. May the Force be With you

If you are trying to get a certain point across, you should consider using emotionally influencing language to enhance your post. We all struggle with being persuasive without being redundant or annoying. Sometimes just a few words will help you command your audience's attention. If you are absolutely magnetic in your attempt your audience will reward by acting on themes and ideas you've presented. While you'll never know if they did, you can take comfort in knowing that they've spent time reading your post.

4. Polarity

None of us are writing content that is specifically ingenious or monumental though we all try to.  We succeed when we cut through the clutter and connect with our audience in a deep and meaningful way. Whether you evoke negative, positive or even neutral emotions you are absolutely engaging your audience. That's the ultimate goal isn't it? To connect with your audience and provide them with meaningful content.

5. Remember Who You are Writing For

It's easier to write with emotional language when you consider your audience. You will hopefully inherently know the kinds of words to use, the emotion to convey and the messages that will get the greatest response. When you successfully consider your audience, and write content full of emotionally engaging language you are well on the road to writing not only more engaging content, but content that is better all the way around.

Great content begins with creating that powerful connection between you and your audience. We sometimes forget what is at the heart of that connection, emotion plays a significant role in the content we remember, pass on and cherish. Think about your favourite stories, songs, books, all of them, somehow have made that very powerful connection to your emotional being. Hopefully you'll be inspired to write more emotional charged content that evokes that same kind of passion in your audience.

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