5 Stunning Tips That Make You Stand Out on SlideShare

As content marketing's quiet giant, do you know how to maximize your views on SlideShare? Check out these numbers below. Why wouldn't you want to get involved with the biggest presentation community?

Below are 5 tips on how you can make creative, successful presentations for content marketing.

1) Storytelling

Find a theme and flow for your presentation and think about how someone will read your content. You want to make sure it's a cohesive story and that it's interesting at the same time. Keep them engaged and curious so that they will want to click on "next slide" and read more.

2) Title

Once you've figured out your story, create the most captivating title as you possibly could because the title is the hook. It is the first thing that people will see on your presentation page and in turn, when people embed your SlideShare on their page (or share it on social media) the title page is also the first thing everyone else will see. So yes, it's very important to create a compelling cover page and catchy, interesting, and intriguing title.

3) Length

Ever sit through a presentation and think how boring it is? That is attributed to many things (check out You Suck At PowerPoint!) but one of the most common mistakes is that people use their slides as a crutch and not an aid. If people are reading through your presentation like a document then you have a problem. Keep it short and simple by showcasing one main point per slide.

Simple works best on SlideShare. The average SlideShare presentation is 14 slides and fewer than 25 words per slide.

4) Design

Your SlideShare needs to tell a stimulating visual story. Colors, fonts (try this free font resource), theme layout and images are things you have to consider in your design.

For more help, here are Top 5 tips for graphic design by Canva. And speaking of Canva, check out their incredibly easy-to-use tool to make beautiful graphics and stunning design for your SlideShare.

5) Promotion

Even great content doesn't promote itself. Make sure you're sharing that bad boy the day you've published it, the day after, a week and a month after (if it's evergreen and relevant). There's no shame in promoting it more than once to drive up more views.

Follow these tips and make sure you form a promotion strategy before you hit upload. It will give you a much better chance for going viral, and especially good for making it on the coveted front page of SlideShare and gaining “Today's top ...” or "Featured Slideshares ..." status.

If you're on SlideShare, check out our account. We upload a new presentation and/or document at least once a week! Stay updated on how you can create great content for real people.

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