5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO

Lately, there is an enormous focus on great storytelling. Don't we all want to tell a great story each time we have a message to communicate to our audience?

The issue is that we need to consider so many other factors that go with telling our awesome story. Do you worry about mundane details that interfere with your fantastic cadence and storytelling ability? How about that SEO thing? How about the pressure of it performing on social media and on the web in general?

There is no difference here when it comes to trying to figure out the right mix to connect to an audience. There is no "one size fits all" approach although there are some hard and fast rules (or tips) to help propel action in a more concise and timely manner.

We cannot ignore SEO and we need to embrace content marketing and social media to drive activity in the digital realm. It is not about one without the other and we need to accept that these factors on their own do not add up to a whole but done right, creates a harmonious success.

You need content to perform, bottom line.  Today on LinkedIn, I read this about summing up SEO. It’s by Shruti Lele, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Personagraph, and she gave the best advice: "Write for people not the search engines, while keeping best practices in mind".

So what does writing for people entail and how does technology help your authentic ability to tell your story? Here are 5 ways.

1. Don't sweat the details. Create your story in your authentic voice.

2. Connect with authenticity. Your cadence is what sets you apart from others. Be yourself, that's what people believe and real equals the truth. If you are inauthentic people will soon see right through you.

3. Be self-aware and analyze audience feedback. Love your audience and they will love you back.

4. Pay attention to SEO and analytics but don't let it take away from your natural storytelling ability. The story is what you remember unless you fail miserably in the structure and language department failing to correct your grammar and spelling errors etc.

5. Embrace tools that help you take the guesswork out of creating content like the Atomic App for content scoring. Why do you need content scoring and how can it help you, read this.

I believe that technology is our friend, more times than most, it is our main source of communication in this world. It is our rescue in time of need and enables us to keep connected. It is up to us whether or not we choose to embrace it or not.

Backlinko recently published an article listing Google's 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List and what a list it is. To say complete is an understatement, I would say it is never ending and quite overwhelming. At the same time, it’s completely necessary to evolve and grow.

Google provides very mechanical details about what you need to include on web and social media but it is the organic, quality content of stories and original content that helps you get there.

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