3 Ways to Get CTAs Working for You to Get More Blog Subscribers

Isn't it frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into your blog but hardly anyone is reading it, never mind subscribing to it?

I think it's safe to say that we have all felt that way. What does it take to get more blog subscribers? Luckily this is one of the goals we (at Atomic Reach) are trying to achieve. Here are 3 things we've learned about creating effective CTAs to get more blog subscribers.


Refreshing your CTAs can do wonders for your blog. If you've experienced your clickthrough rates dwindling after a period of time, it's time to think about a new design. Sometimes your audience gets used to your CTA, so used to it that it doesn't jump out at them anymore. Here are some examples of well-designed CTAs, curated by Hubspot, in its article 10 of the Sexiest Calls-to-Actions on the Web.


Write copy that is direct. Do not beat around the bush leaving it to your readers to guess what you're talking about. Let them know exactly what you mean and what you would like them to do. Be clear and use actionable words. Don't be afraid to be urgent. CTAs are not made to dilly-dally on the page. Your job is to convert readers. Use words like 'now', 'immediately' or 'today' to make the reader feel like they can't miss out on this opportunity. 


Conversion opportunities can be found all over your page. That means that you should not just focus on sticking your CTA at the bottom of blog posts, but consider on the side, at the top or even in the middle of the page. It is especially important to place your CTAs “above the fold.” This means that people do not have to scroll down to see it. These days, readers don't read the entire page so by placing your CTA “above the fold”, it will capture as many clicks as possible.

Beside blog readers, blog subscribers are the next best thing. When you gain subscribers, you're able to deliver your content straight into their inbox which further builds your relationship with readers. Don’t miss out on opportunities to refresh the design, refine the copy and fix the placement of CTAs. Subscribers are very valuable to your blog and helps you measure your writing success.

Your turn

Do you have any tips on how to create effective CTAs for blogs? Leave your comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

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