4 Free and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business Locally

Consumers now have more than enough choices for products or services -- thanks to the internet. This puts local businesses in a unique spot more so than ever. However, the great thing that arises from this is that smaller businesses can also compete with larger business with a smaller marketing budget. That's all thanks to e-commerce!

As a business owner, you can easily take advantage of both online and offline marketing tactics to boost your reach and, most of all, your sales. Here are four ways to market your business locally!

1. Local SEO

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Doing a local SEO campaign is very different from the average SEO campaigns. Geo-specific campaigning is changing and it's changing rapidly. The key for you to show up on local and organic search on Google (and other search engines) is to include the right keywords.

But how would you know which keywords to use?

  1. Take advantage of Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This amazing tool allows you to get estimates on search volume and competition for any keyword.
  1. Think of keywords that your customers would most likely search for.

For example:

If you own a store that sells women's shoes, you might think that people would search for:

  • Shoes
  • Women's shoes
  1. You want to rank for keywords with low competition and high search volume

The examples above are the most obvious keywords that people would search for. But general keywords like these have high competition…

You would be able to rank higher in search by using keywords that are more specific (long-tail keywords):

  • Cheap women's heels
  • Affordable women's flats
  1. Lastly, include your location in your keyword

If you use keywords that include your location, you can target local consumers easily. Something like the following would work best:

  • Cheap women's shoes Denver
  • Affordable women's flats New York
Google My Business

Google My Business gives you online visibility when people search for you on Search, Maps, or Google+. For consumers, they can see your local business address, ratings and reviews, phone number, operating hours, and so much more!

You can easily do this by following the instructions on their website. For now we'll talk about the things you should remember when claiming your Google My Business.

  • Choose the right category for your business and write a descriptive background and introduction about your company.
  • Don't forget to put your business' contact information and your business hours -- be  consistent with these.
  • Upload high-resolution photos
  • Gather reviews from actual clients. You can ask your loyal customers to do this for you.

Local SEO can also be built faster by blogging regularly. Make sure to create a blog for your website and write about topics in your niche.

If you're having trouble looking for topics to write about, read our previous blog post that'll help you find the best topics to write about for your business!

2. Local Targeting via Facebook Ads

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SocialMedia Examiner wrote a guide that can help you create a Local Awareness Ad on Facebook. Facebook has tons of data about each and every user they have. This is great leverage for advertisers -- you can target people who are near you and would most likely be interested in your product!

But, it's a great idea to create Facebook ad campaigns for lead conversions by bringing people to a page where they can download something and leave their email. Leads are cheaper to send offers to, so take advantage of this.

It's also a great idea to make your ads persuasive enough for people to opt-in or buy your products. A great way to do this is to take advantage of several content psychology strategies that can help you boost your sales!

3. Online and Offline Directories

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Submit your business to both online and offline directories for maximum local reach. While there are thousands of these, only some are relevant and free -- Yahoo and Google have their own directories.

With this, potential clients may be able to see your business listing repeatedly. There are also directories that specialize in just one industry like business consulting, or event coordinating. You can definitely find a lot of them online!

4. Hire Local Bloggers

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Bloggers normally have thousands of followers, so basically you can count them as 'influencers'. A great marketing strategy is to hire local bloggers in the same niche as your business and have them write about your product and service.

This is also a great way to kickstart your online visibility and local SEO. Bloggers are great because they can use the influence that they have to introduce people to your business, product, and service. This will be your way in into your potential user's radar!

Start Building Your Brand's Local Presence Today!

Use these helpful tips to help people near you find your business. Don't worry if you don't have a large marketing budget, because most of these are free or low-cost.

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