4 Compelling Tips To Help You Engage With Others on #Twitter

Twitter is really, really busy and competitive.  In a matter of seconds, your tweet is there and then gone, replaced in the feed with someone else's tweets.

This is implicitly understood as it is the nature of the social network. The questions that beg is: How do you navigate through the Twittersphere and get noticed, make a few friends and followers and keep up with the rabid Twitterers?

We consume a high volume of content daily.  What we should and shouldn't do is entirely subjective although I contemplate theories and questions internally in my mind in my usual analytical way.

I hear my nasally loud voice in my brain, rambling on and on about important advice to offer. I continuously ask myself "What can I say that nobody has already said a thousand times before?" What will ultimately appeal to an audience?

Are you already involved in the Twittersphere or who want to step-in, feet first with guns-a-blazing.  Either way, my sincere objective is to think outside of the box and provide you with what I see that works.

Become Your Own Investigative Journalist

Look at who people are and what they are Tweeting. Do they seem like someone you like and respect?  If so, then follow and engage with them.

Engage them with other relevant pieces of content.  Look at the repository of content in their network. Check out their community of followers as you will likely find some great connections through others.

Alternatively, use Twitter to follow your passions. It is good for you. Not everything has to focus around your business objectives although be careful or mindful about your brand and brand alignment.

In other words, if you love cats, and someone you follow likes cats, then by all means send them a photo of your Sylvester, MEOW!

You are Human: Don't worry, be (Click) Happy and RT other's content.

You all know that saying, the Golden-rule: "Treat others as you want them to treat you" or even better "Give and you shall receive".

This all means that "sharing is caring". Be thankful for the engaging, quality content that is tweeted by those you follow and follow you back. Communicate by sharing respective content. It really is that simple- love your audience and they will love you back.

Find content that is relevant, high quality and timely. Make sure the piece of content is first-rate and distinguished before you share it.  You do not want your community and theirs, for that matter, to succumb to their dismay.  With so many millions of tweets out there, be a source of knowledge and a thought leader.

Make People laugh. There is no shame in talking about #bacon. Build rapport with #bacon just because ALMOST everyone LOVES #bacon.

Who doesn't love to laugh? Seriously, be human, be yourself, engage with people of all facets on all levels. It is what will set you apart from others and it will help you stand out from the clutter and get yourself noticed.

Participate, Participate and Participate in bounteous amounts. Opinions and thoughts matter as long as they are respectful and thoughtful. Add insight, not insult and you will grow your fan base.

#Twitterchats are truly amazing. Especially if you find the right fit, which is tremendously important. Search for topics or interests that are interesting to you and I promise you will stumble upon the right #chat.

Engage and appreciate and you will see that you will pick up a few followers each time. That is how you consummate relationships and engage with others on Twitter. There are no magic tricks except the organic and natural route. As the awesome and infamous, Bryan Kramer says it, "#H2H, the Human to Human way is the best way."

Happy Tweeting To All. Drop me a line @Classic_Alana or @Atomic_Reach for all things #ContentMarketing #Audience #ContentScoring.

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