3 Ways to Kick Your Writer's Block to the Curb

Writer’s block is a struggle that all writers have experienced in their lives. It is incredibly frustrating to deal with especially with deadlines looming ahead. But fear not, this phenomenon of the writing profession has thankfully been explored and, of course, written about by thousands. Check out these tips to battle writer’s block.

Eliminate Distractions

Writing can come with a ton of distractions. With the Internet and television or even chatty friends invading our work time, writer’s block might be distraction. When the first signs of writer’s block start to creep up, a simple solution is eliminating these interruptions.

The Internet can sometimes be a double-edged sword for writers. While a whole world of information is available at the click of a button that can also mean that a wide range of distractions are always lurking in the background.

Thankfully there are hosts of websites designed specifically to get you away from the Internet while you work.

A couple that I would recommend are AntiSocial, which is great because it blocks your Internet and cannot be disabled until the designated amount of time is up, and SelfControl, which is perfect because it blocks selected sites and allows you to keep doing research while blocking distractions like Facebook or Twitter.

If you are still feeling distracted then get away from the computer all together. Grab a notebook and some paper and visit your local library, café or even a nearby park. Totally free of disturbances, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easily the words flow.


Look for Inspiration

If you find yourself stuck in a writing rut, take a look at your surroundings. Are you in a dark, cramped room that’s lit by only the glow of a computer screen? Have you been staring at the same four walls for the entire week? Have you had your nose to the grind for more days than you can remember?

Then it is no wonder that your brain has hit a creative wall. Take some time to escape your usual surroundings and look for some inspiration away from your own writing.

Taking a long walk in your town or city is a great way to get the creative juices flowing again. Explore a new part of town or hop on a bus or a train and people watch. I guarantee there will be something out in the world to inspire you.

Another good way to get some inspiration is to crack open a new book, discover a new blog, or just read something new that isn’t your own writing. Too often writers get so focused on creating something new of their own they can forget the great inspiration they can get from reading the works of others.

Go through another blogger's posts to see what they are righting about or check out some of your favorite websites to see if anything interesting is trending that you might have missed. Pick up a book by your favorite author, maybe a beautiful line of prose will be just what you need to jump start your writing.

Write Something New

Picture this: you are halfway done with an article or chapter when suddenly you can’t think of a single word to write, no inspiration is coming to you and you find yourself at a writing standstill. Don’t worry, every writer has felt this feeling at least once in their career. Sometimes you just reach a place where the words aren’t flowing for a certain topic, the best way to fix this is to just step away.

If you get stuck in a rut with your current project, changing your focus to a new one is a great way to break through writer’s block. Try out a few, short writing prompts to clear your mind.  WritingExcercises has a great First Line Generator that will give you the first line to your short story.

Many bloggers also find inspiration by checking out some of your personal sites. Tumblr, Twitter, and even Pinterest can offer up a range of inspiration, whether it’s a quote from your favorite author’s Twitter or a fascinating photo that you found on Pinterest.

A great way to break through this type of writer’s block is to try out some freestyle writing. Creating coherent, well-written content is vital but not at the expense of agitating yourself. So don’t worry about editing or even being intelligible, just let your fingers wander. Write for the sake of writing. Take your characters on a random adventure. Write everything you’ve ever learned about table tennis.

Getting out any words can sometimes be better than no words at all. Plus you never know what might pop out at you while you are rambling. You might get an idea you’ve never thought of before that will put you back on track with your original project.

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