3 Ways to Keep on Top of Consistent Blogging

Finding time to blog every day is incredibly difficult, especially without a game plan. Obstacles to consistent blogging can happen at any time. Check out these tips to avoid the most common reasons for inconsistent blogging.

Create a Content Calendar        

One of the most difficult aspects of blogging is coming up with viable ideas for your articles. So much time is wasted staring at a blank screen trying to think of new ideas. Hours can turn into days and before you know it, weeks have gone by without a single new piece of content.

One sure-fire way to avoid this problem is to create a content calendar. A content calendar can be as complicated or as rudimentary as you require but having one for your blog can help you define your voice and maintain consistent blogging.

The first part of creating a content calendar is defining your blog. What are your content goals? What are you hoping to achieve with your individual posts? Who is your audience? Once you have a strong definition of your blog in place it becomes easier to develop viable content. You will be able to plot out articles weeks, or even months, in advance and avoid the difficulty of developing new ideas every time you want to write.


Dedicate an Hour

... or two hours or fifteen minutes or thirty, all that matters is creating a block of time that is solely dedicated to blogging. One of the most common practices of many writers is the tendency to multitask while blogging. To go from writing an outline for your post, to checking Twitter, to sending a coworker an email, then back to blogging again is one of the worst ways to waste time.

Getting distracted while writing is an easy trap that many bloggers fall into. If you aren’t focusing on writing you will be wasting your time. A great way to increase your productivity when writing is to dedicate small amounts of time to one activity.

If you are the type of writer who is easily distracted then start yourself off with fifteen minutes of writing, ten minutes of Facebook, fifteen minutes of answering emails, and then another fifteen minutes of writing. It doesn’t matter how small the increments of time are, it only matters that you are focusing on one thing at a time.

Prioritize Your Commitments

For the vast majority of bloggers out there, blogging isn’t a full-time business. It comes with a myriad of other commitments that can get in the way of consistent blogging. How do you find the time to blog between work, family, and the thousands of other realities of day-to-day life?

The answer is fairly simple; in order to blog with any kind of consistency you have to make it a priority. The best way to do so is to list all the activities you do in a day with an estimate of how long it takes you to complete these activities. Once you have a list you will notice that your day is filled with unavoidable duties: work or school, eating, keeping clean, commuting. However, more often than not non-priority activities (watching TV, surfing the Internet, etc.) take up a surprising chunk of time that can easily be devoted to blogging.

The best way to manage those unnecessary parts of the day is to drop them to the bottom of the priority list. Accomplish all the unavoidable tasks first then allow yourself time to write. Once your writing goals for the day have been accomplished you can fill up the rest of your time with the unessential parts of your day.

Keep track of how you spend you day, so if you ever find yourself slipping you can catch it before it becomes an issue. Pretty soon you will see your productivity rising and your posts will hit the web with mind blowing consistency.

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