13 Tools You Need to Give Great Writing An Extra Boost

Whether you're a beginner or the most seasoned blogger, the content you write could always use a boost. Knowing what makes a blog achieve high traffic and shareability means competing with over 20,000 blog posts a day.

We start scratching our heads, wondering what will make a blog post go from good to great? After correcting any grammar issues, and going through content with a fine-toothed comb, what comes next after such thorough editing?

Contributing to your SEO, shareability, and audience appeal  relies on your headline, visuals, proofreading skills, and social media distribution. The following are 13 tools that will give your blog that extra oomph!

The Headliner

1. KingSumo Headlines


You can address title creation intelligently with this automatic headline optimization plugin for Wordpress. For creator Noah Kagan, his tool paid off with a 17.8% increase in blog traffic. Simply type in as many titles as you can think of while you're writing in Wordpress and watch as visitors help the algorithm determine your best choice with in-line statistics.

2. 25 Headlines


Remember when you wrote lines as a child to practice writing? This tool, inspired by Upworthy, Kissmetrics, and Hubspot, focuses on headline writing through the 'practice makes perfect' method. Much like a tweet, it helps to train your brain to write with ease, even with character restrictions. Other fun features include playing with the length of tweets, or identifying the spam potential of an email.

Smart Editing

3. AtomicWriter

paragraph density


As AtomicWriter learns how your audience likes to read, it will inherently improve your writing skills for them and encourage article engagement.

With 22+ measures, you will be provided with in-app, real-time feedback as you write your article.

Based on your target audience, AtomicWriter is able to analyze your content and offer opportunities to improve in:

  • Titles
  • Length of post
  • Sentence complexity
  • Paragraph density
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Links
  • Emotion
  • Word complexity

Look out for more measures being added as the tool is always evolving! 

AtomicWriter is available as a Chrome extension, Wordpress plugin, or web app interface.

4. ProWritingAid


To help you maintain consistency with your blogs, ProWritingAid is your objective eye on your content. Use statistics to measure readability, overly wordy sentences, and overused words. You will get suggestions that will edit and make your content more punchy and interesting, with a slew of measures and considerations that you might have missed in your initial edits.

Stock Photos & Gifs

5. Stocksnap.io


Stocksnap.io differentiates themselves from other stock photo sites by emphasizing on their curation process and social sharing options. Photos are chosen by a select group of photographers and engagement indicators are seen on every image. These include number of views, favourites, and downloads. The site's minimalistic approach really highlights images, and lets you easily find beautiful stock photos ready to use on your blog.

6. Stokpic


With 12 years of professional photography experience and hundreds of photos, founder Ed Gregory started this site as a personal project, releasing unused photos free for public use. After realizing that he couldn't supply the demand for more photos and a more diverse selection of images, he funded a new sponsorship program for photographers.

12 new shutterbugs are provided $500 worth of photography equipment, with a common goal of submitting 50 photos a month to the site. After just one year, Stokpic has just under a million page views, and 200,000 downloads across 197 countries.

7. Pablo by Buffer


In their efforts to help people benefit from posts with images, Buffer developed Pablo with the same simplicity that contributed to their success. This tool is easy-to-use and is great on-the-fly for last minute posts. If your blog doesn't have featured images, use this to to share a quote, excerpt, or a message with your followers, to boost your blog post on social media.

8. Giphy


You will never run out of fun gifs with Giphy, who also hosts a mobile app to help you create your own. As one of the most popular destinations for gif detectives, expect to find not only celebrity, media, and sticker gifs, but also artist's animated illustrations. Embed gifs you make on your blog with the mobile app, by recording real-life gifable moments and adding special FX or filters.

9. Giffiti


This extremely popular app was seen on the front page of Reddit without any formal marketing. This tool is very powerful, combining your photos with a ready-to-embed gif. If you're writing a behind-the-scenes blog post, and have a picture of your set with a dancing Carlton in the background, you'll be adding more enjoyment to an already engaging topic.

10. AtomicInsights


Understanding the reading and sharing behaviour of your specific audience continues to be a rising topic for bloggers. Creating an effective editorial calendar means understanding which of your blogs people liked, and the days where your content performed the best. AtomicInsights analyzes your social media, Google Analytics, and blog's historical data to determine the direction of your blog and help you reach your full potential.

11. Edgar


Ramp up your social media regimen and stop your posts from going to waste. Resharing a blog post steadily reoccurs less the older it gets. Considering that your blog is filled with green content, Edgar, categorizes your posts, schedules and cycles through your blogs according to the category for social media.

Social Media Calendar by Twenty20


Need a weekly plan-of-attack to grow on social media? This email-based subscription system sends you weekly reminders of ideal content you should be posting for your social media schedule. Expect your inbox to be filled with upcoming calendar events, popular hashtags, six photos, tips and guides for social media. This tool will help beef up your social media presence in addition to your blog posts.

13. Post Planner


Looking to increase engagement? Post Planner will find the right content for your social media plan and share your blog posts or any other type of content you wish. With access to a library full of images, articles, and even status ideas, your audience will see that you are both knowledgeable about the industry you blog about, and appreciate the value of your shared content.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to have tools that support and boost your writing. They help showcase you at your best, and be recognized for the effort you put into the quality of your blog. Why not give these tools a try, implement what you've learned, and become a more internet savvy writer all around.

What tools do you use to give your great writing a boost? Share your experience in the comments!


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